Hereditary eye disease examination in breeding dogs and cats

Hereditary eye disease examination in breeding dogs and cats

At our Institution we offer the official eye examination for prevention of inherited eye diseases in breeding animals, such as PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), cataract and glaucoma.
The eye examination takes about 30 minutes. The examination is performed after the instillation of eye drops, which temporarily dilate the pupils. The procedure is pain free and animals can see afterwards.
 In some animals the examination before pupil dilation is recommended eg to perform a gonioscopy. This examination is done in breeds predisposed to inherited glaucoma. A contact lens is placed on the cornea to assess the so-called iridocorneal angle, a structure that is abnormal in some animals, correlated with a higher risk of glaucoma development.
Sedation is rarely necessary in animals reluctant to keep their head still for several minutes.
The English certificate is sent directly to the breeding club by email. It has international validity.

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