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DIRU Organigramm


The “DIRU” (Diagnostic Imaging Research Unit) is part of the Clinic for Diagnostic Imaging of the Vetsuisse-Faculty of Zurich focused on clinical research.
More and more, diagnostic imaging has become a core discipline in clinical research. Furthermore the increased demand within different quality assurance systems (QS, GLP, GMP, GCP) for documentation and reproducibility, and the increased demand for access to high-end imaging in veterinary medicine is fast exceeding the availability within the confines of  traditional methods of academic research. Diagnostic imaging is thus becoming increasingly important in both diagnostic and therapeutic studies (Theranostics). This hypothesis is underpinned by the current need to generate quantifiable results in postprocessing of imaging modalities.
The aim of the DIRU is therefore to support imaging research projects and imaging services for internal research groups as well as for external partners. The interdisciplinary exchange and the incorporation in a network of other professionals, are major advantages of DIRU’s position within the university. DIRU’s membership of CABMM (Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine), as well as a close relationship with the MSRU (Musculoskeletal Research Unit, University of Zurich); which is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified can be considered as unique selling points. The DIRU functions as a platform to conduct studies of high quality (GLP, GMP, GCP).