Anal Gland Tumors / Prostate Tumors / Bladder Tumors: "Moderate Hypofractionated Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Pelvic Tumors"

The treatment with this radiation protocol is extremely accurate and it can thus be administered with a high dose of radiation in a few treatment sessions.
Radiation in the pelvic area leads to mild acute side effects in the intestinal area, but these subside within a short time after treatment.
This protocol has been accurately calculated through a prior research project on side effects and has been tested on several patients. None of the patients had much stronger or even intolerable side effects and we consider this new treatment to be safe for this reason.
With the following research project, we want to show that the higher radiation can prevent or significantly delay regrowth or growth of the tumor and that the animals can be free of symptoms for a longer period and live longer (and better!).


Which patients can participate?
Dogs with pelvic tumors (bladder tumors (in combination with chemotherapy), anal gland tumors, prostate tumors)

What is required of you and your pet?
We will call you every 3 months to find out how your pet is doing.


What is the benefit of participating?

  • Your dog will be treated with a new, improved radiation protocol.
  • It supports cancer research.