Price list

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ECG and echo analysis

ECG analysis (short resting ECG, <5 min; e.g. AliveCor® recording or scanned strip)

CHF 30.00

ECG analysis (exercising/resting ECG, 0-2 hrs recording)

CHF 175.00

ECG analysis (exercising/resting ECG, 3-12 hrs recording)

CHF 250.00

ECG analysis (resting ECG, 13-24 hrs recording)

CHF 300.00

ECG analysis (resting ECG, >24 hrs recording)

please inquire

Echocardiography interpretation (echo loops/still images, up to 50 loops/images)

CHF 100.00

Brief assessment of studies, if turned out to be of non-diagnostic quality

CHF 50.00

Formal report (e.g. insurance, pre purchase exam)

CHF 100.00/hr

Note: Specific diagnoses and recommendations require studies of diagnostic quality. The above costs will also apply for studies of limited diagnostic quality. Studies of non-diagnostic quality will be commented on at the above rate.

Loan of Equipment

Loan of ECG recording equipment (Televet® receiver, leads, tablet, surcingle)

CHF 75.00

Shipping within Switzerland (incl. return postage and insurance)

CHF 20.00

Shipping within EU (please note that we will usually not ship outside the EU)

please inquire

Costs for lost or damaged devices or parts


Televet® leads

CHF 100.00

Televet® receiver

up to CHF 1950.00

Tablet computer

CHF 465.00

Kruuse® surcingle 

CHF 365.00

Costs for late return of equipment (per day)

CHF 35.00

Costs for cancellation of equipment order after shipping

CHF 50.00

Field consulting (we can provide mobile echocardiography, electrocardiography)

In person consult (ECG recording, echocardiography etc.)

please inquire

Other services

Please contact us for any other requests. We will be happy to provide a specific quote.