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Prof. Colin Schwarzwald

Prof. Colin Schwarzwald has been working in the field of Equine Internal Medicine and Large Animal Cardiology for over 20 years. Prof Schwarzwald is particularly interested in large animal and comparative cardiology, with emphasis on echocardiography, electrocardiography, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular pharmacology, and cardiac biomarkers. He has published a large number of clinically useful research articles and book chapters in this field. Prof Schwarzwald is a recognized expert in the field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the diagnosis and management of cardiac disease in horses and other large animal species.
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Dr. Katharyn Mitchell

Dr. Katharyn Mitchell has been working in Large Animal Internal Medicine for more than 11 years, with a special focus on cardiology in the past 5 years, while she was completing her PhD program on equine arrhythmias. Dr Mitchell has integrated a new method of analysis for ECGs, which includes analysis of both timing and morphology of abnormal complexes. She can provide a detailed interpretation of any ECG abnormalities, particularly the frequency and timing of abnormal beats.
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